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GoldenRAM Launches Technology Advisor Program for It's UpgradeDetect product


GoldenRAM who sold more than $900 million in computer upgrades and accessories, today announced the launch of its Technology Advisor Program. Initial Technology Advisors are making upwards of 30,000-dollars per month already - and the average person is making above 5,500-dollars per month. Because of their sophisticated online training system, people can get started right from their home or office in just a few hours in front of their internet connected computer.

"Our Technology Advisor Program is unique in the industry. People buy from who they know and trust, and we take advantage of existing Technology Advisor relationships to both shorten the sales cycle and acquire clients and sales resources," explains Chris Zomaya, president and founder of GoldenRAM. "For example, a person may know an IT products buyer at a large corporation, and be able to leverage that relationship even though they have not sold IT products previously."

GoldenRAM, one of the fastest growing privately held companies, has uncovered the "dirty secret" of the computer industry is that corporate profits are based on users believing that the "state-of-the-art" computer sold to them a few years ago is now outdated and worthless. It is a selling cycle called "planned obsolescence" and, while it is keeping computer manufacturers happy, it sends mixed and often erroneous signals to consumers. For most PC users, their current system is more than adequate when properly configured. Furthermore, the cost difference between upgrading an existing system and buying a new one is substantial.