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May 30, 2013

Technology CEO Endorses A New Type of Investment Fund Structure

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., May 30, 2013 ­– Christ Zomaya, an entrepreneur whose company GoldenRAM has sold more than $900 million in computer upgrades and accessories, believes the future of investing may be found in diversified sector funds.

“After the economic collapse of the past few years, people are looking for alternatives to traditional Wall Street investing,” Zomaya said. “Diversified sector funds, selected by CEOs and experts in a particular industry, represent a step forward from current and past funds that separate investment management into bonds, stocks, futures, commodities and other physicals.”

Zomaya believes an opportunity is available to profit from arbitrage and undervalued assets in every major industry, such as technology. These opportunities may incorporate stocks, bonds, options, private companies, inventory and materials.

“An investment expert cannot have the pulse and feel of an entire industry – certainly not to the same extent as someone who has worked in it for decades,” Zomaya said. “A CEO in a specific sector will have more in-depth knowledge into what companies to include and what assets to buy.”  

However, a CEO must not only have an in-depth knowledge of his particular industry, he or she must also be qualified to acquire assets on behalf of investors. “A diversified sector fund should be managed by someone with a minimum of 20 years experience, as well as the certifications and training necessary to obtain registered investment advisor status,” Zomaya recommended.

These certifications also include commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator, in addition to experience in managing various types of corporate and fund structures including LLCs, S corporations, international corporations and limited partnerships. 

Such funds also represent a substantial savings in investment fees, according to Zomaya. “Typical funds may cost investors as much as 8% a year in fees. With a diversified sector fund, investors benefit from reduced fees over traditional products.”

About Christ Zomaya

For more than three decades, Christ Zomaya has been an innovator always looking to lead or expand the next technology revolution. He has founded a number of companies, including GoldenRAM Exchange, New Black Gold, Techies and  Real Estate Valuations, Inc. In 1996, he received the prestigious designation of Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young. Zomaya’s book New Black Gold was published in 2009. He has earned certification as a registered investment advisor, commodity pool operator and commodity-trading advisor. For more information on diversified sector funds, visit

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