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GoldenRAM Exchange

GoldenRAM Exchange is a convenient, easy-to-use marketplace for selling excess RAM, or for finding and purchasing the RAM you need.

Over the past two decades we have sold more than $1 billion in RAM,
and helped our customers find the best deals on new, used and hard to find RAM modules.

A Valuable (and Often Overlooked) Asset
Did you know there’s a market for the old RAM modules now taking up space as excess inventory at many businesses? GoldenRAM Exchange is a network that brings together individuals and companies with RAM to sell, and IT dealers and distributors looking to purchase RAM. When we receive RAM from a client ready to sell, we categorize it, price it and list it on our marketplace. When a buyer is found, the seller is compensated either in cash or in GoldenRAM trade dollars, which can be used on our site to purchase RAM at a discount.

-- Five-year warranty on every purchase
-- Same-day shipping

Buy RAM From Us
No other retailer or Internet marketplace can match the selection of
new and used RAM products on GoldenRAM Exchange. We have hard-to-find modules not available anywhere else, and can provide less costly alternative options that will fit any computer.  The Memory Locator Tool on the GoldenRAM Exchange site allows customers to search by brand, memory type or computer type. Whether it’s new or used RAM, GoldenRAM Exchange has the best selection at the best prices.

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