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About Us

The GoldenRAM Group began with one company, GoldenRAM, founded in 1988 by Christ (Chris) Zomaya.

Born in Chicago in 1962, Christ Zomaya wrote his first computer program by age 15. By 1980, he was working his way through college as a computer programmer. In 1987, after graduating from Northern Illinois University (BS Computer Science and Business), he formed his first computer company. Within its first seven years of business, the company became one of the leading global manufacturers in the computer RAM industry.

Because of the company’s tremendous success, with revenues soaring to more than $178 million annually, Zomaya was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 1996. He has been the CEO of GoldenRAM for 24 years.

Through GoldenRAM, Zomaya perfected his formula for an innovative, successful business – find a need in the business/technology marketplace that is not being served, find a better way to serve that customer base, and eliminate the“profit-takers,” or middlemen, who drive prices up for customers and for companies with a product or service to sell.

With these companies, as well as GoldenRAM Metals and New Black Gold, Christ Zomaya has become one of the nation’s most successful and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. He continues to look for new methods to problem-solve and leverage the advantages of technology in ways that others have missed.