A family of companies united under the leadership
of one innovative entrepreneur

Christ Zomaya

For more than three decades, Christ Zomaya has been an innovator always looking to lead or expand the next technology revolution. Throughout his career he has designed unique business models to help professionals and investors benefit from technology ventures. In 1996, his talent and innovation was recognized by Ernst & Young, when Zomaya received the prestigious designation of Entrepreneur of the Year.

Born in Chicago in 1962, Zomaya wrote his first computer program by the age of 15. He worked his way through Northern Illinois University as a computer operator and programmer, learning the technology business from the ground up. From the days of punched card disks and reel-to-reel storage, and machines that maxed out at 16 megabytes of RAM, Zomaya amassed a foundation of knowledge on how computers worked and how they would evolve, on his way to earning a BS in Computer Science and Business.

In 1987, Zomaya moved to California and began selling computer products. Frustrated with the bureaucratic inefficiencies he discovered in how companies served their customers, he formed his own company, specializing in the sale of RAM and computer upgrades. While the business was a success, Zomaya believed he still wasn’t providing his clients with the personal attention they deserved, nor had he yet found the optimum streamlined business model that could deliver the widest range of high-quality products at the best prices.

The Christ Zomaya Philosophy
“I decided that to create something radically different and better, I would have to do something radical and different,” Zomaya recalled. “Instead of just trying to improve the company, I would invest everything I had earned on building a company that customers would love and never think about leaving because they would always get exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it, and for the lowest possible price.”

The result was Memory Products and More, now known as GoldenRAM. What began with a $5,000 investment had, by its fifth year, grown into a company with revenues from operations of $85 million, and multiple sales offices around the world. The company became a manufacturer of computer upgrades in 1993 with the new name of GoldenRAM. Contracts with major computer manufacturers and dealers helped to boost revenues to $179 million by 1995.

Today, GoldenRAM supplies more than 6,000 upgrade products and is one of the world’s fastest growing privately held corporations. Under Zomaya’s leadership, the company has evolved from a manufacturer of computer upgrades to a software licensing, advertising and business hosting company using a virtual distribution model. The company has also developed patented software now in use by the industry’s most significant players.

“Technology can turn ideas into multi-trillion dollar industries in a few years” – Christ Zomaya

The Foundation of GoldenRAM Group
While serving as GoldenRAM founder and CEO, Zomaya acquired a company with more than fourteen thousand nationwide service technicians to install computer upgrades at a customer’s location. This became Techies. Zomaya revolutionized the company through a proprietary system that alerts all available technicians closest to each customer.

When a friend in the mortgage industry told Zomaya that it takes an average of six days to complete an appraisal, he had his team alter the Techies system for the appraisal industry, and founded Real Estate Valuations, Inc.

You’ll also find Christ Zomaya’s name listed as founder of GoldenRAM Metals, a gold and precious metals exchange, and New Black Gold, which introduced the first all-natural energy drink for active seniors.

While these companies may seem unrelated in their core competencies, there’s a consistent theme in the creation of products and services for successful professionals, thus allowing GoldenRAM Group to leverage shared marketing dollars and distribution points.

Christ Zomaya continues to look for new methods to problem-solve and leverage the advantages of technology in ways that others have missed.

"Christ's understanding of how technology, marketing and customer service interact allows him to mine gold in almost every industry he enters. He always finds innovative ways to eliminate costs and compound successes.” (Ron Zayas, CEO of 360 Business Consulting)



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